Does 9-to-5 Still Exist?

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The traditional 9-to-5 schedule is becoming a thing of the past. The reality of dual income families has resulted in employees having to cope with increased demands on their personal time. The business world has also changed with advances in technology, increased global competition and the challenges of having four distinct generations in the workforce at the same time.

One way employers have responded to the changing workplace has been to offer flexible work arrangements. During February 2014, WCBC conducted an online survey of 279 Canadian employers on the prevalence, design and management of flexible work programs.

Key findings from the 2014 Workplace Flexibility Survey include:

  • The majority (88%) of Canadian employers offer some form of workplace flexibility.
  • Just under three-quarters of employers have been offering flexible work options for over 5 years.
  • Private sector companies are more likely to have informal policy or make decisions on a case-by-case basis while public sector employers are the opposite.
  • Usage of flexible work options is typically spread across age groups, but utilization by Gen X employees is the highest.
  • The majority of employers feel that providing employees with flexible work options has assisted in attracting and retaining employees and reduced employee turnover.

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This research was conducted as part of WCBC e-pulse series which covers a variety of compensation, benefits and total rewards topics. Full analysis is exclusive to e-pulse survey participants.

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