Compensation & Benefits Are Our Business

WCBC is a firm which specializes in, and confines its practice to assisting organizations determine how much and how to pay their employees. We are not a general human resources consulting firm providing broad general advice, nor are we an insurance broker/consultant acting as an agent of insurance companies.

WCBC's Longevity & Reputation

WCBC has successfully provided compensation consulting services for over 40 years. The Firm has an enviable reputation for quality, lack of staff turnover and practical advice delivered in a cost-effective manner.

Professional Resources

WCBC has the largest total compensation consulting practice in BC. Our professionals all have significant experience in compensation consulting, preceded by formal education and professional designations in accounting, finance, human resources, compensation, actuarial science, employee benefits and management consulting.

Peer Review & Quality

Competent and complete compensation consulting advice can only be provided by a team of professionals – the required expertise does not reside in any one individual. All of our professional work is peer reviewed for quality assurance purposes prior to being released to clients.

Alternate Work Plans

Compensation experts will work with you and propose alternative compensation work plans to ensure that a client’s specific needs are addressed.

Sources of Data

Along with our custom consulting WCBC can provide corroborative data from our proprietary compensation databases.

Relevant Experience

WCBC’s consultants have extensive experience in providing all forms of compensation benchmarking and related services to a large number and broad range of companies in the private sector, as well as to public and not-for-profit sector organizations.

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