To ensure you are paying your employees appropriately, access to current compensation data is crucial. Our surveys cover 420+ positions and give organizations information on current salaries, bonuses, group insurance, retirement benefits and compensation best practices.

Results available in September.

Surveys Open For Participation

  • Over 420 positions from Receptionist to CEO. Choose from:
    • Clerical/Administrative Support
    • Middle Management & Professional
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Engineering & Technical
    • Production & Distribution
    • Executive
  • Group Insurance & Retirement Benefits
  • Compensation Policies & Practices 
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Perks of Participating

  • Win a Fitbit or an iPad*   In recognition of the contribution that our participants make to the HR communication, all participants will be entered in a draw for a Fitbit, an iPad or both!
  • Receive a complimentary report on actual and projected salary increases (a $1,700 value).
  • No purchase necessary – participation does not commit your organization to purchase the survey – it simply locks in the participant discount.
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Perks of Purchasing

  • Participants who choose to purchase the results receive a 50% discount, plus
  • Receive complimentary access to CompPlus, our online sorting tool (a $1,700 value).
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