For over 35 years, WCBC has helped clients with all aspects of compensation.
2020 Salary Increases
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Health & Dental Cost Increases

Compensation & Benefits Are Our Business

WCBC specializes in assisting organizations determine how much and how to pay, motivate and retain employees.
We offer a fully-integrated total compensation service providing strategic direction, benchmarking, design, implementation and management of:

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Base Salaries or Wages
Incentive Pay
Group Insurance Coverage
Retirement Plans
Policies & Practices
Data covering 390+ positions collected from a cross-section of employers or a specific industry.
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Our Most Popular Published Surveys

Consulting Engineers

Our survey gives consulting engineering firms from across Canada access to information on current salaries, bonuses, group insurance, retirement benefits and compensation best practices.

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Salary Increases

This national survey reports actual and projected salary range and base salary increases by employee group, economic sector and selected industries.

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Executive Compensation

This national survey reports salary, incentive, group insurance & retirement benefits and executive perks (including vehicle policies) on senior executive and director-level positions.

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Compensation Policies & Practices

Covering employees in from across Canada this survey reports on compensation policies & practices.

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