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What does the survey cover?

Director compensation levels and governance practices reflect the fact that boards are facing enhanced regulatory requirements, increased proxy disclosure rules and continued scrutiny by investors plus individual directors are taking on more and more responsibility.

WCBC’s survey covers:

Director compensation including:

  • regular service (retainers, meeting fees, equity)
  • committee service (retainers, meeting fees, equity)
  • expense reimbursement
  • potential total compensation for all Board service

Corporate governance practices including:

  • composition of the Board
  • meetings
  • Board mandate
  • position descriptions
  • orientation & continuing education
  • Board assessments

Policies & total compensation costs including:

  • nomination of directors
  • equity ownership guidelines
  • code of business conduct & ethics
  • liability insurance & risk protection
  • total compensation costs
How is data collected?

This survey is not open for participation.

Data is extracted from publicly available management information circulars and annual reports to allow year-over-year analysis.

How is the data reported?

A pdf report is available for download.

Compensation statistics include:

  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Average
  • 25th percentile
  • 50th percentile
  • 75th percentile

Compensation data is segmented into annual revenue categories:

  • all companies
  • revenues of $100 million or less
  • revenues between $100 million and $500 million
  • revenues between $500 million and $1 billion
  • revenues between $1 billion and $2.5 billion
  • revenues between $2.5 billion and $5 billion
  • revenue of more than $5 billion
What is the cost?

Price: $2,000

Important timelines

Results are released annually at the end of September


Krista Friesen


Note: Reports are offered exclusively for the internal compensation planning activities of individual employers. Reports are not available to libraries, career placement centers, HR consulting firms or any other entity that could re-sell the data, make it available to the general public or use the data in its commercial activities. WCBC reserves to right to accept or decline participation/purchase requests.

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