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Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants recently conducted a survey on how employers are navigating the evolving landscape of pay transparency legislation, including employers currently subject to pay transparency laws as well as those who are not.
WCBC’s Pay Transparency Survey was conducted in January 2024 and included data from 249 organizations from across Canada.
A summary of the key insights are below.


Limited Adoption of Pay Transparency Policies: A significant majority of organizations lack a comprehensive, organization-wide pay transparency policy, indicating room for growth in adopting these practices.

Evolving Organizational Perspectives: There’s a noticeable shift in organizational attitudes towards pay transparency, influenced by increasing legislation. While many are adapting to these changes, a portion remains resistant or unchanged in their approach.

Diverse Compensation Communication: Organizations employ varied methods to communicate compensation details to employees. Methods range from personal discussions to digital platforms, indicating a balance between transparency and confidentiality.

Anticipating Employee Queries on Pay Determination: With increasing discussions on pay transparency, organizations expect more employee inquiries regarding compensation determination, highlighting a shift in the employee-employer dynamic.

Compensation Philosophy: There is a significant proportion of organizations that either lack a fully developed compensation philosophy or have not documented it comprehensively, which could lead to inconsistencies and questions about fairness and transparency.


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