WCBC is a leading compensation and benefits consulting firm serving Canadian and international clients for over 40 years. We offer fully-integrated total compensation services.

Salaries & Incentives

WCBC can help you:

  • Formulate a compensation strategy
  • Determine your current market position
  • Determine total compensation using WCBC’s Total Compensation Valuation System, a proprietary tool which collects and financially values all components of compensation
  • Design competitive base pay structures
  • Evaluate your compensation strategy and program effectiveness
  • Design variable pay plans with appropriate performance measures and plan payout criteria
  • Determine the type of incentive plan(s) right for you

Group Benefits & Retirement

WCBC can help you:

  • Formulate a benefits and total rewards strategy
  • Determine if your current benefits plans are meeting your goals
  • Design and implement a flexible benefits program
  • Determine appropriate funding methods
  • Analyze anniversary renewals, obtain competitive quotes from, and negotiate with, insurance underwriters
  • Develop a wellness/mental health strategy
  • Communicate your total rewards through opinion surveys, focus groups, employee handbooks or benefits statements.

Executive & Board of Director Compensation

WCBC can help you:

  • Formulate an executive compensation strategy
  • Determine your current market position
  • Design short-, medium-, and/or long-term variable pay plans that support the organization’s business strategy
  • Select appropriate performance measures and plan payout criteria
  • Evaluate your executive compensation strategy and program effectiveness
  • Compare your board of director governance practices to the market
  • Analyze your current compensation for both regular board and committee service
  • Design share equity arrangements and ownership guidelines

Administration & Management

WCBC can help you:

  • Develop objectives for your compensation programs
  • Define your compensation philosophy including:
    • selecting a peer group
    • determining your pay positioning strategy
  • Conduct a pay equity analysis
  • Ensure compliance with Pay Transparency legislation and best practices
  • Develop, implement and evaluate performance management programs
  • Develop a job worth hierarchy and job evaluation strategy including the following:
    • selecting and weighing compensable factors
    • developing an implementation strategy
    • auditing and revising your program

Why Choose WCBC?

  • Compensation & Benefits Are Our BusinessWCBC confines its practice to assisting organizations determine how much and how to pay their employees. We are not a general HR consulting firm providing broad general advice, nor are we an insurance broker/consultant acting as an agent for insurance companies.
  • WCBC’s Longevity & ReputationWCBC has successfully provided compensation consulting services for over 40 years. The Firm has an enviable reputation for quality, lack of staff turnover and practical advice delivered in a cost-effective manner.
  • Professional ResourcesWCBC has the largest total compensation consulting practice in BC. Our professionals all have significant experience in compensation consulting, preceded by formal education and professional designations in accounting, finance, human resources, compensation, actuarial science, employee benefits and management consulting.
  • Compensation GovernanceWCBC has a solid reputation for assisting clients in the development and application of appropriate compensation philosophies/pay policy positions. This has resulted in WCBC being retained to assist several regulators in developing appropriate procedures for governing the employee compensation of the organizations which they regulate through their statutory authority.
  • Peer Review & Quality – Competent and complete compensation consulting advice can only be provided by a team of professionals – the required expertise does not reside in any one individual. All of our professional work is peer reviewed for quality assurance purposes prior to being released to clients.
  • Sources of DataAlong with our custom consulting WCBC can provide corroborative data from our proprietary compensation databases.
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As outlined above, compensation experts at WCBC will work with you to find solutions customized to your organization. This approach provides the highest level of due diligence.  However, if you don’t have the budget or the time, you could also consider our published surveys.

Which approach is right for you?

 Positions are unique Positions are common to other organizations
 Business will go through organizational changes/ expansion  Business will remain relatively stable
 Industry is changing  Industry is not changing
 Interested in data beyond salaries and bonuses such as long-term incentives, perks, paid time off, group insurance or retirement benefits  Interested primarily with salaries and bonuses or prevalence of total rewards plans.
Criteria for compensation comparison is to target your compensation levels to compete with specific companies or a specific industry Criteria for compensation comparison is not as strict and can be based on location, economic sector or size parameters
Timeframe is longer – custom surveys typically take 8 to 12 weeks to conduct Timeframe is shorter or immediate
Budget is larger – to get the best solutions to your issues Budget is limited – surveys cover a large number of positions for a competitive price
In-house knowledge is limited – you need professional advice, recommendations or assistance with implementation You have the in-house knowledge to apply the data appropriately
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