Need tailored solutions?

WCBC helps Canadian employers pay employees appropriately by providing:

  • customized solutions;
  • market-based research; and
  • professional advice.

Our expertise in the design, evaluation and management of compensation, group benefits and retirement programs result in high quality, practical solutions.

We recognize that each company has unique challenges. WCBC will work with you to identify your needs and design services tailored to get you the answers and/or tools you need to ensure your compensation and benefit programs are both efficient and cost-effective.


Our Total Compensation Valuation System financially values all components of compensation and is the most advanced system of its kind in the marketplace.


For over 40 years WCBC has helped organizations with all aspects of compensation including:


For over 40 years, WCBC has successfully provided compensation solutions to private, public & not-for-profit employers of all sizes from a wide variety of industries.

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