Workplace Flexibility

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Workplace Flexibility

If your organization is not currently offering flexible work hours or work/life balance programs it is in the minority. Today’s employees have an expectation that they will have some control over how they structure their work week. Also, with technology making employees much more accessible to their employer outside of regular work hours, employees will likely expect some level of support in their endeavours to achieve a work/life balance that is aligned with needs.

In March 2016, Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants (“WCBC”) conducted online research on the prevalence, design and management of the flexible work hours and work/life balance programs of 191 Canadian employers. 

Full results are available to participants only but we have summarized the highlights.

Participants in WCBC research projects receive a complete summary of the results at no cost. If you would like to be notified of  future research projects, ensure you subscribe.

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