Salaries Projected To Increase In 2024

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WCBC’s recently completed survey of planned 2024 salary increases includes data supplied by 665 employers and covers employees located in all 13 provinces and territories. While the anticipated salary increases vary by level of position, geographic region, sector of the economy and industry, overall, the average increase in non-union salaries is expected to be 3.8% (median of 3.8%).

Only two percent of the organizations anticipate not increasing salaries in 2024 for some or all of their employee groups. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of the salary increases will come into effect during the first four months of 2024.

Those organizations with formal salary structures are planning to increase the ranges by an average 2.9% (median 3.0%). Eight percent of the organizations plan to freeze their salary ranges in 2024 for some or all employee groups.

Reports are offered exclusively for the internal use of individual employers. Purchase is not available to libraries, career placement centres, HR consulting firms, or any other entity that could re-sell the data or make it available to the general public. WCBC reserves the right to accept or decline purchase requests.

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