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Our published surveys offer access to information on current salaries, bonuses, group insurance, retirement benefits and compensation best practices. WCBC’s 12 published surveys are a cost-effective, reliable source of compensation information.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – participation in 2015-16 published surveys begins May 1. Subscribe to receive notifications about participation. Contact us for more information on how you can participate and save.

12 Surveys Available

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Survey Highlights

  • Cost Effective: prices range from $450 to $3,000 (see Pricing tab)
  • Large Database: hundreds of organizations participate regularly
  • Quality of Data: submissions are thoroughly reviewed by compensation professionals
  • Ease of Use: data is collected & downloaded from our website

Covering more than 375 positions in:

  • Operations/Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Logistics, Manufacturing & Distribution
Below is a sample from one of our cash compensation surveys. To view samples for specific surveys, please select a survey from the Surveys tab. Click on the image below to enlarge.

Important dates

Additional 15% Discount

Members of the Vancouver Board of Trade or the Chambers of Commerce in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon or Winnipeg are eligible.

For the Consulting Engineers Compensation, Benefits & Employment survey members of the Association of Canadian Engineering Company – Canada (ACEC-Canada), the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) or the Association of Canadian Engineering Companies – BC (ACEC-BC) are eligible

Participate and receive a 50% discount – participation opens May, 2015 and runs through September
(May, 2015 through August for the Consulting Engineers Survey)


  • Order & download today.
  • Results are straightforward and easy-to-use.


  • Notification about participation.
  • Up-to-date information about survey reports.
  • News, research updates and promotions regarding WCBC products.


For over 30 years WCBC has successfully provided compensation solutions to private, public & not-for-profit employers of all sizes from a wide variety of industries.

Note: Reports are offered exclusively for the internal compensation planning activities of individual employers. Reports are not available to libraries, career placement centers, HR consulting firms or any other entity that could re-sell the data, make it available to the general public or use the data in its commercial activities. WCBC reserves to right to accept or decline participation/purchase requests.
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