What Are Compensation Surveys?

Compensation surveys collect information employee’s compensation ranging from:

  • base salaries or wages;
  • incentive pay;
  • group insurance coverage;
  • retirement plans; and
  • a wide variety of policies & practices.

Data is collected from a cross-section of employers or a specific industry.

Results give employers a picture of current market compensation levels enabling them to make decisions on how much and how to pay their employees. Every employer could benefit from having a credible source of market data.

What Can Compensation Surveys Help With?

Do you need to:

  • ensure market competitiveness?
  • manage base salary costs?
  • review your paid time off policies?
  • manage employee benefits costs?
  • compare your Group RRSP contributions to the market?
  • attract new employees?

Compensation surveys give you the baseline for what is “competitive” enabling you to make informed decisions.

What Do Compensation Surveys Cost?

You have 2 options


Contribute data towards the survey results & in return receive the results at a significantly reduced price. Participation runs from February to July, annually.

WCBC appreciates the hundreds of organizations who participate. Be sure to check out the “Perks of Participating” tab below to see the extras that participants receive.


Surveys are available for purchase year round. Simply order the survey(s) you need, download the data and begin your work.

Perks Of Participating

Participating stretches your HR dollars by giving you…

A 50% discount

Complimentary access to CompPlus – our online sorting tool (a $1,700 value)

Complimentary report on actual & projected salary increases (a $1,700 value)

Surveys Available

With 12 surveys to choose from you can select the surveys that are right for you.

How is the data reported?

All surveys are released as downloadable PDF files. Hard copies are available, upon request, for an additional cost.

CompEssentials includes an excel spreadsheet and is available for download with purchase of any WCBC salary and total cash surveys (*above).

Data is both company- and incumbent-weighted. Statistical breakdowns include:

  • Average
  • 25th percentile
  • 50th percentile
  • 75th percentile

Data is segmented by:

  • province
  • city
  • economic sector
  • revenues
  • full-time employees
  • selected industries

CompPlus, our online tool, enables you to:

  • select preferred percentiles (such as P65 or P90) and calculate how your pay compares in the market
  • segment by:
    • province
    • city
    • economic sector
    • revenue
    • full-time employees
    • industry
  • exclude or include your organization’s data in your analysis (available to participants only); and
  • apply an aging factor to the data

CompEssentials is included with CompPlus.

Participants receive complimentary access to CompPlus (a $1,700 value).

CompPlus is available on all WCBC surveys with the exception of our Salary Increases and Board of Directors Compensation Surveys.

Positions Covered

From Receptionist to CEO, our surveys cover a wide range of positions.

0 +
Number of positions

Job Families:

  • Operations/Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Logistics, Manufacturing & Distribution

Job Levels:

  • Top Executive
  • Director/Senior Management
  • Management & Supervisory
  • Technical & Skilled
  • Administrative
  • General


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Note: Reports are offered exclusively for the internal compensation planning activities of individual employers. Reports are not available to libraries, career placement centers, HR consulting firms or any other entity that could re-sell the data, make it available to the general public or use the data in its commercial activities. WCBC reserves to right to accept or decline participation/purchase requests.

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